Water, the crystal and clear liquid, is the origin of all the living creatures in the world. Just hear the beautiful sound of the rain and you will realize the majesty of this liquid awesome. Whenever there is a talk about saving water, we hear some of these phrases from people. “I never think about this issue.” “Water is not expensive so what is the need to save it.” “There is so much water everywhere, don’t worry.” “Saving water is not our duty, it is government’s duty.” “I don’t know what i can do.” “Its none of my business.” But in reality, the days are not very far away when the water will be as expensive as gold. Some water is wasted when people forget to turn off the taps subsequently or when people use water with low efficiency. There is only 1 % fresh water of all the water on earth and we are wasting it like anything. Water is life itself but we people are using it more and more whether it is drinking or farming or transport or recreation. Out of the 1 % fresh water only a third of it is accessible to us. Fresh water species are also on the verge of extinction and this figure has raised very fast since 1970.


Our bodies are as much as 60% water and all the living things like us depend upon it for survival. Although 70% of the world is covered with water, a staggering number of world’s poor people lack even the most basic sanitation and access to clean water. Ninety seven percent of all water on earth is salt water, two percent is frozen in forms of glaciers and icecaps and only one percent is fresh water that needs to be enough for everyone. One out of every eight people on earth searches everyday for clean water and one in every six has no access to a toilet. Just think, if that were you, what your life would be like. Everyday women around the world walk mile after mile to get water for cooking, cleaning and other things but can only take back home as much water as they can carry and that water is also full with bacteria. But they have no choice to go without even this polluted water because there is possibility of dehydration which can lead to death. Every twenty seconds a child dies from a water related diseases like diarrhea. This all sounds strange to us because where we live, the water flows freely and we can get water anytime whether it is to drink or to take a shower. Right? But there are places in the world where people are forced to drink salt water and polluted water because there is a great scarcity of fresh water.


The only thing essential thing about fresh water is how much we need it. The world is running out of clean drinking water. Obviously, we are not thrilled about the idea of having to figure out some way to live without water so it is time to start conserving water today.

Some little steps can be taken by us like asking for glass of water in restaurants only if we are planning to drink it.

Making sure that your toilet is not leaking by putting some drop of food coloring in the tank and if it shows up in the bowl a few minutes later and you haven’t flushed yet then you have a leak. A leaky toilet can waste 200 gallons of water a day.

If you drink tap water at home then keep a jug of it in the fridge so you don’t have to run the water until it is cold. Fill your sink with a little hot water and turn the faucet off while shaving.

You can also wash fruits and vegetables in a basin rather than under running water and then use that water for watering the plants. By this, in addition to saving the water you will give plants extra nutrients.

If you have a dehumidifier then use the water on plants. You can sweet steps, drive ways and sidewalks rather then hosing them off.

Always keep a small spray bottle of water on your bathroom sink and instead of running the faucet, use it to wet your toothbrush before applying paste. Just don’t remember to turn off water while brushing your teeth.

If you are planning to have a garden then use plants that require less water and water them early or late in the day so that there is less evaporation.

You can also save water by taking a shorter shower. Another easy way to get big savings in water and energy is to install something called a low flow shower head. It will not only cut your water usage by upto twenty thousand gallons per year, it will also save you at least 10 percent on the cost of heating your water.

You can add an aerator on your faucet which will cut down on water use because it actually mixes air bubbles into the stream so you get just as much pressure with a lot less water.

It is better to wait for  a big dish or laundry load to wash because washing two or three clothes daily is going to waste a lot of water. It is also advisable to install a water meter so that you can check and analyze the water consumption.


People need water to survive and without it our survival is impossible. Water is what affects everything whether it is us, animals or plants. When there is scarcity of water, diseases and viruses become widespread, the animals become extinct due to dirty and infected water. Next time you turn on your tap, just think about the people in Sub Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, who are suffering badly enough because of polluted water. It is very easy to waste water while it is easily available but when we will no longer have enough water, there will be an unstoppable crisis. So, start conserving water today and play your little part in developing healthy ecosystem.